Centre for Territory,
Environment and Construction

International cooperation was defined as a priority since the very beginning of CTAC activities. Nowadays, CTAC has already a large and important international research network with universities, research centres, funding agencies, standardisation bodies, non-governmental organizations and private companies. This network results from a continuous collaboration and cooperation work performed both at institutional and individual level by CTAC members, as highlighted below. The existing international research network will be broadened, with the participation of international institutions and their experts in several of the research projects.

Synergies will be created in a varied geometry, internally but also with other national and international research groups. Among these external research centres, it should be highlighted the cooperation with research centres of physics, electronics and information systems, supporting the research on new smart materials and technologies.

With regard to societal concerns, sustainability will be present in any analysis, mainly when dealing with the existing and new materials and infrastructures and their impact on society in general, but especially on citizens. Thus, CTAC will establish interaction with other scientific fields, namely Social Sciences and Health.