Centre for Territory,
Environment and Construction

CTAC has a long experience of cooperation in developing projects with the major Portuguese construction companies, at national and international level, in Europe, Central and South America, Africa, Middle East and China. A significant number of companies have their headquarters in the Minho region. In addition, CTAC also has a solid experience in supporting municipal authorities of this region. As a consequence, CTAC will assume its role as a relevant partner to the Minho region development process. This vision includes not only the region but also the world, acting together with the cluster of construction companies, expanding its competences worldwide, since this cluster intervenes in the construction of new cities and in the renovation of others across the globe. Together with this cluster, CTAC will participate in the formation of “a hub of knowledge in civil engineering in the Minho region”, around the major theme of built environment and the global challenge of “cities of the future”. This network will constitute a driving force for this region and its population, attracting more activity and highly qualified employment, integrated in the regional specialisation strategy.