Centre for Territory,
Environment and Construction

The general objectives assumed by the Strategic Programme comprise the production of new knowledge in the Research Area of Competence of “Construction Materials and Technologies” (CMT), between others, contributing to the general vision of Sustainable Built Environment & Energy Efficiency, as well as of Sustainable and Resilient Systems and Infrastructures.  CMT area will make research in the field of materials and technologies, mainly in its eco-efficiency. Their contributions to increase the quality of life in territories, without compromising the future generations, will be studied during all the phases of the life-cycle. Environmental, economic and social aspects need to be considered in order to fulfil the mentioned objectives.

Mainly, CMT area will develop research on “innovative ecomaterials & technologies” with connections to “energy efficiency & sustainable built environment” and “risk management and health”. The main projects to be developed are:

– New technologies for smart materials, involving the study of phase change, photocatalytic and self-healing materials The use of nanomaterials will be fundamental to increase the efficiency of the new technologies;

– Eco-efficient mortars and concretes, involving the study of high performance pozzolans that can replace part of Portland cement, a material with low sustainability. The resulting mortars and concretes will have advantages related with economy, energy efficiency, durability and environment;

– New composites for rehabilitation of constructions, involving the study of composites with incorporation of natural or artificial fibres for structural and non-structural applications. The durability of these composites will be an important aspect to be considered;

– Functional materials for lightweight construction, involving the study of polymeric membranes to be used mainly in lightweight covers. Their resistance to environmental conditions is fundamental to be analysed.